News 2021

Photo of the level crossing where this accident occurred

Rail New inquiry into rail accident at level crossing near Marton

13 May 2021

TAIC inquiring into collision involving a train and a light truck at a level crossing on Saunders Rd near Marton, at around 1530 on Thursday 13 May. 1 person travelling in the truck died. TAIC investigation team is on its way and will be on site in the morning

Photo of the rail deck on the Aratere

Rail TAIC inquiring into rail accident on Aratere ferry

10 Apr 2021

At Wellington Port, a worker was struck by moving wagon, requiring hospital treatment

Photo of the jet boat caught in trees overhanging the river

Marine TAIC investigating jet boat accident on Shotover River

22 Mar 2021

TAIC has opened an inquiry into the jet boat accident on the Shotover River near Queenstown. Injuries to some persons on board, no fatalities reported. The boat is now in a secure location. TAIC investigators arrived on site 22 March, interviewing witnesses, inspecting boat.

Photo - The water taxi Henerata

Marine TAIC reports on capsize of water taxi

11 Feb 2021

Worse-than-expected sea conditions caused capsize of a perceived very safe ‘pontoon’ design water taxi. Skipper rescued all six passengers trapped inside, all survived. Lessons for passenger boat sector: know vessel stability as well as buoyancy; prioritise safety over commercial expectations; manage risks; ensure the right safety equipment is available; actively lead safety on-board.