Recipient names

Some of the more common recipients are entered using their acronym:
CAA: Civil Aviation Authority. The NZ civil aviation regulator.
ATD MoT: Air Transport Division, Ministry of Transport. The predecessor of CAA. 
MNZ: Maritime New Zealand. The NZ maritime regulator.
MSA: Maritime Safety Authority. The previous name of MNZ.
NZTA: NZ Transport Authority. The NZ rail regulator.
LTNZ: Land Transport NZ. The predecessor of NZTA.
LTSA: Land Transport Safety Authority. The predecessor of LTNZ.
MoT: Ministry of Transport. The NZ transport regulators' parent ministry.
IACS: International Association of Classification Societies. A Marine international industry standards organisation.
FAA: Federal Aviation Administration. The US aviation regulator.
RNZAF: Royal New Zealand Air Force.
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