Final report and publication

The Commission and investigators carefully consider feedback on the draft report. Sometimes, more investigation or analysis occurs, or those being consulted may be invited to give feedback in person before the Commission. The draft text may change in light of new information. When the report is finalised, the Commission then gives advance notice to those involved and publishes the final report.


The investigation team and Commissioners carefully consider feedback on the draft report. Sometimes more investigation or analysis may occur, or the Commissioners may invite those giving feedback to appear before them to discuss their views. Any part of the draft report may change to take proper account of the feedback and any follow-up work.

The investigation team and in-house solicitor receive and review submissions and may ask the submitter for further clarification or re-analyse evidence. The investigation team then provides the Commissioners with the submissions received, an analysis of them, and recommendations for any changes to the draft report. The Commissioners consider whether taking proper account of the submissions requires further evidence gathering, analysis, or wording changes.

Amendments and possible redraft

Sometimes the Commissioners may invite submitters to discuss their submission in person, or they may personally interview a witness to help finalise their decision on a contentious point. Occasionally the changes made to a draft report are significant enough to require consultation on a further draft report, which will go to persons consulted previously. The further draft will take account of the further consultation round and any follow-up work required during consideration of feedback.


Once the Commission approves a final report, it goes through final proofreading and other checks before printing. The final report will include any responses to recommendations received by time of printing.

TAIC provides advance copies in confidence to the persons and organisations consulted, as well as to the Ministers and Ministry of Transport, modal regulator, and Coroner if anyone died. Where possible, victims and families of anyone who died will be given advance notice that the report is to be published, a confidential advance copy, and possibly a briefing.

Reports are typically made public on our website at about 9.30am on a Thursday. Anyone who has self-subscribed via the website will receive an email notifying them of publication. For the media, we make a spokesperson available who will describe the inquiry process and report contents. For higher profile events, we may hold a news media conference, or wider briefings of stakeholders with a Commissioner as spokesperson.

All our reports are available on our website as .pdfs, and printed copies may be purchased.