News 2023

The accident scene. The locomotive lies on its side where it came to rest beside the tracks. view is from the cab end, and two of the cab windows are shown to be broken

Rail Report on locomotive derailment at Tamaki, Auckland

TAIC calls on KiwiRail to resolve safety issues: risk oversight, risk controls, crashworthiness, crew training. Report also delivers insight into risk assessment, safety training, human factors. For want of these, locomotive went too fast over points, derailed, rolled onto side. All 3 crew escaped, injured.

Compsite image shows the landscape with superimposed graphic of the flight path of the helicopter as recorded by the Airways New Zealand Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) system.

Aviation Night VFR rules, night instrument currency highlighted in TAIC report

TAIC calls on CAA to address ambiguous rules and guidance for night VFR and pilots’ instrument currency for night VFR. For want of night VFR instrument currency and practice, combined with darkness, cloud, and disorientation, the pilot an AS350 ‘Squirrel’ helicopter lost control, crashed, and did not survive.

Figure 6 from the final report. The glider wreckage is shown in an aerial photo of the accident site. The wings are embedded in trees and bushes on the mountainside. The tail section has broken off. The cockpit structure is also broken off and in numerous pieces.

Aviation TAIC report - glider on student trial flight crashed while ridge soaring

This report is particularly important for gliding clubs, glider pilots, instructors and personnel involved with glider flying activities and aviation regulation in New Zealand.

Part views of the two ships on which the stevedores were working

Marine TAIC Report identifies major issues for future of stevedoring safety

TAIC report finds major safety issues for NZ stevedoring sector:
-- regulators should be more proactive, take a just culture approach,
-- individual stevedoring employers and the sector as a whole should work for mature safety systems and share information

Fig1 from report. still image from CCTV, depicting the incident. An urban low-level light industrail area. Selwyn street is in the centre of the view from foreground to distance. The level crossing is in the middle. A bus has clearly just crossed the level crossing, travelling away from the camera view. A locomotive approaches the bus, approximately twelve metres away

Rail Level crossing near-miss - TAIC calls for better risk management

TAIC recommends KiwiRail work with road controlling authorities to improve risk management for unplanned disconnections of level-crossing protections. KiwiRail disconnected the Selwyn Street level crossing. However, there was no traffic management in place because KiwiRail hadn’t told council that due to an unplanned disconnection.

Aviation Independent investigation into rescue helicopter accident on Mt Pirongia

TAIC inquiring into the accident involving a BK117 helicopter that impacted terrain on Mt Pirongia on the afternoon of 19 September 2023. TAIC has placed a protection order on the occurrence site and any wreckage or evidence associated with it.

Enchanter hull on beach

Marine Enchanter capsize - urgent safety issues for search and rescue

TAIC Final report identifies major safety issues affecting the marine sector nationwide, relating to:
--> Search and rescue: availability of aircraft; availability of fuel for SAR helicopters; and joint training for SAR organisations
--> Survivability: Maritime rules for stowage of life jackets to ensure easy access in an emergency
Tracking technology: tracking systems should be required on commercial vessels.
--> Marine surveys: How well vessel surveyors interpret and apply maritime rules.

Marine Kaikōura capsize: urgent safety issue with boat fuel systems

TAIC preliminary report, ongoing inquiry. 8m pontoon boat capsized. Skipper and five passengers rescued, five other passengers died. TAIC urgent safety recommendations: integrity & safety of fuel systems; thoroughness of surveys; sector acceptance of whole fuel systems being inspected

Composite image shows file shots of the two balloons in flight

Aviation Two final reports - Commercial hot air balloon pilots need to buckle up

Balloon landings are a safety-critical phase of flight. If anyone or anything is ejected from basket during landing, an accident is virtually certain because balloon is uncontrolled, passengers unattended. To avoid this, all balloon pilots should wear safety harnesses. Owners/operators should install them. Also passenger safety briefings must be clear, concise, easy for all passengers to follow.

Fig 9 from the TAIC report. Marine chart overlaid with approximate track of the boat as described by the witness in report paragraph 3.29, overlaid with aerial photograph to make it easier for sighted people to understand the location of the waves of the bar - over the shallow waters outside the harbour entrance

Marine TAIC calls for regulation of recreational boats and boating

TAIC reports on fatal capsize of recreational boat while crossing harbour bar. NZ needs to require boats to be registered, and we need minimum standards for boat design and construction, and we need to assess skippers for minimum standards of knowledge and boat handling. Or accept the current rate of 15-20 deaths a year.