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fig.12 from the report - an aerial view of the approach to Hood Aerodrome. Graphical representations of the two aircraft are superimposed to illustrate their relative positions, viewed from behind, shortly before the collision. The Cessna is approaching the Tecnam from above and behind. Two annotation images depict the damaged wingtips from the wreckage of the two planes (for comment on this see paragraph 3.8 in the report)

Aviation Media release: Mid-air collision near Masterton in 2019

2 small planes collided mid-air, crashed on approach to uncontrolled aerodrome. Give-way issue. Pilots: keep a lookout, listen for radio calls, obey rules and SOPs. Regulators & aerodrome owners and operators: train & support operators and managers of aerodromes.

Marine Kaikōura capsize: appeal for witnesses

TAIC is appealing for witnesses to the capsize of a boat near Kaikōura on Saturday 10 September

Screengrab from Google maps

Rail TAIC investigating near collision of train and bus in Christchurch

TAIC appealing for witnesses to a near-collision between a freight train and a bus at Selwyn Street level crossing in Christchurch. It was reported that at about 2:30pm on 8 August 2022, a bus passed over the level crossing in front of a moving freight train that was travelling Eastbound, from Middleton to Lyttelton. There were no fatalities or injuries.

Aerial photo of the Kota Bahagia with smoke emerging from a hatch

Marine TAIC report - fire on board the Kota Bahagia

Molten material from the hot work caused fire, burned 7 days, extensive damage to high-value fibre-glass cargo, no fatalities, no serious injuries. TAIC calls on Fire and Emergency NZ to improve training in fighting fires on ships. Crucial tactics (close cargo hold cover, release CO2 into hold) weren’t done. Valuable time lost because people lacked a good understanding of each other’s roles and objectives. One new recommendation to Pacific International Lines to address safety issues over fire response and gas cutting hot work.

A rail locomotive lies on its side beside a set of railway points. Railway power lines are overhead, intact. In the distance are shipping containers stacked in land adjoining the rail corridor.

Rail TAIC investigating locomotive derailment at Tamaki, Auckland

A solitary locomotive was travelling from the Ports of Auckland to Westfield. At about 1:30am, it derailed and rolled onto its side at the Tamaki rail siding on the North Island Main trunk. Two of the three crew suffered minor injury.

composite image shows parts of two ships - the rear superstructure of the Capitaine Tasman, a container ship, and the forward hold lids and dockside coal loading machinery for the ETG Aquarius bulker ship

Marine MO-2022-202 & MO-2022-203, Independent inquiry into port operations accidents at Lyttelton and Auckland

TAIC is inquiring into the fatal accidents at Lyttelton Port and Ports of Auckland. The Minister of Transport directed TAIC to inquire into the circumstances and causes of the two accidents and provide an independent safety-focused investigation to determine any potential system-wide lessons. The accident at Ports of Auckland was on 19 April, in which a stevedore reportedly fell from height during loading operations for a container ship. The accident at Lyttelton Port happened on 25 April during coal loading operations for a bulk carrier ship.

Composite image shows 2 photos MV Kota Lembah AND FV Commission

Marine TAIC report summary: MO-2021-203: Collision FV ‘Commission’ and container ship ‘Kota Lembah,’ 

Recommendations relate to: watchkeeping standards & practice; collision prevention rules; fatigue. Fishing vessel suffered non-critical damage when it collided with stationary container ship Kota Lembah.

The planned and actual approaches to Wellington by the three aeroplanes

Aviation Two Dash-8s avoid collision on approach to Wellington Airport

Two Dash-8s avoided collision on approach to Wellington Airport (saved by human and automated systems) after one Dash-8 followed the wrong lead aircraft. Nobody hurt, no damage. All safety issues are resolved, so no new TAIC recommendations.

Marine Independent investigation into Enchanter sinking

The fishing charter vessel Enchanter foundered (filled with water – some parts of the wreck floated, while other parts sank) offshore from North Cape on the night of 20/21 March.

photo depicts balloon basket lying on its side in a cow paddock. The deflated balloon envelope is laid out partially folded across the grass

Aviation Commercial hot air balloon pilots need to buckle up

In a preliminary report on two commercial hot air balloon accidents, TAIC is calling for pilots to be required to wear harnesses during critical phases of flight. Currently they’re exempt. So pilots who follow rules risk being ejected, seriously injured, & losing control of aircraft. All passengers at risk.