News 2022

The accident  - wreckage. image depicts the helicopter wreck in a paddock beside the Arapito River. the fuselage is largely intact but bent in several places. the tail boom appears broken in several places, as do the main rotor blades, which ar still attached to the main rotor hub

Aviation TAIC investigating helicopter accident at Karamea, 2 January 2022

2 Jan 2022

TAIC has opened an inquiry into a helicopter accident involving a Robinson R22 helicopter at Karamea on the South Island West Coast on 2 January 2022. The helicopter was approaching to land when it experienced difficulties, pitched down and impacted the ground hard. The pilot, the only person on board, has reportedly suffered serious injuries and been flown to hospital.

Photo depicts the accident scene. The basket that held the occupants lies on its side in a paddock. The deflated balloon envelope lies stretched out and folded.

Aviation TAIC investigating hot air balloon accident near Ashburton

1 Jan 2022

TAIC is investigating the hot air balloon accident on the morning of 1 January 2022 near Asburton. TAIC is calling for anyone to come forward if they saw the accident or observed the balloon in flight. Reportedly, during a rough landing, the balloon pilot was ejected from the basket, was caught in a rope, and dragged some way before the balloon came to rest and the basket tipped over. The pilot is reported to have been seriously injured in the accident.