Kaikōura capsize: appeal for witnesses

11 Sep 2022

The Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) is appealing for witnesses to the capsize of a boat near Kaikōura on Saturday 10 September.

It’s been reported that five people died as a result of the incident and that six others survived.

The Chief Investigator, Naveen Kozhuppakalam wants to hear from anyone who saw or recorded what happened – before, during or after the incident.

The best way is to email TAIC at info@taic.org.nz or fill in the online form on the TAIC website. 

The Commission investigation will run alongside investigations from other agencies. Two investigators are assigned to secure evidence, talk to witness, examine any electronic evidence available and look at the circumstances of the incident.

The Transport Accident Investigation Commission opens an inquiry when it believes the circumstances of an accident or incident have - or are likely to have - significant implications for transport safety, or when the inquiry may allow the Commission to make findings or recommendations to improve transport safety. 


(Out of respect for those that lost their lives on Saturday Te Rūnanga o Kaikōura have placed a Cultural Rahui from Paia Point to Omihi campground and 500 meters from the shore. The Rahui is effective immediately for 2 weeks. This means that there will be no gathering or taking of kaimoana in this area for a period of two weeks - to approx 26 September 2022)