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Photo of the level crossing / Google

Rail TAIC investigating Bus v locomotive accident at Bunnythorpe

16 Sep 2020

TAIC has opened an inquiry into the causes and circumstances of a the accident involving a railway locomotive and a bus between Palmerston North and Bunnythorpe. The bus driver was fatally injured as a result of the accident. It is reported that the level crossing was protected with flashing lights and bells. TAIC calling for witnesses.

Photo of Gulf Livestock 1 taken in 2018

TAIC statement on Gulf Livestock 1 accident

10 Sep 2020

The Gulf Livestock 1 accident occurred on the high seas. International protocols governing investigations in this situation fall to the vessel’s flag state – Panama. TAIC has been in touch with Panama to offer assistance if required.

The Funing being assisted by Port of Tauranga tugs, off Mauao-Mt Maunganui. Photo_Stu James via SunLive

Marine New inquiry into loss of power on bulk carrier Funing

6 Jul 2020

New TAIC inquiry: Bulk carrier Funing-9690913, departing Tauranga harbour, in main channel, when it lost power, dropped anchors, was assisted by tugs. No pollution nor injuries reported.

Photo-diagram showing location of crew and cables just before the accident

Marine TAIC report – log ship seaman fatally injured when cable snapped

25 Jun 2020

TAIC report: On a ship loading logs, a seaman was fatally injured, hit by equipment recoiling when wire snapped. Crew lacked guidance on hazards & safe working. Operator’s safety management system lacked safety assessment.

Photo of the San Granit at the wharf

Marine TAIC reports on fatality on factory trawler

18 Jun 2020

New TAIC report. A factory trawler worker died on becoming trapped in machinery. Safety for machinery operators depends on everyone understanding how a piece of machinery works; how people work with it; and thinking about the hazards.

Image shows river layout and course of boat

Marine TAIC report – alcohol impaired driver in fatal jet boat accident

4 Jun 2020

A recreational jet boat with four people on board crashed on a gravel river bar. One passenger died; two others hospitalised. Risk factors: insufficient planning; insufficient daylight; too much speed and too much alcohol. TAIC is calling for more data collection on alcohol impairment, and new legislation or rules to prohibit people in safety-critical roles being impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Photo of the wrecked helicopter at the accident site

Aviation TAIC final report: Robinson R22 impact with Terrain passenger aircraft landing gear failure April 2017

28 May 2020

Circumstances of this fatal helicopter crash into dense forest included: risky take-off towards and over treetops; old worn engine lacked power; and aircraft not airworthy. Also private pilot licence conditions breached (flying for payment or reward). Lessons about obeying Civil Aviation Rules; reporting concerns; CAA monitoring of nominally private aviation participants

Image - a Cresco aircraft. Not the accident plane.

Aviation TAIC inquiring into Pacific Aerospace Cresco impact with terrain, Wairarapa

24 Apr 2020

TAIC is inquiring into the accident involving a Pacific Aerospace Cresco topdressing aeroplane that impacted terrain on 24 April 2020

snip of Google maps terrain view depicting accident area in S Otago

Rail New TAIC inquiry - freight train and hi-rail, South Otago

24 Apr 2020

TAIC has opened an inquiry into a rail accident today (24 April 2020) in which a freight train collided with a hi-Rail vehicle at about 1505, on the main south-line between Milton and Henley, near Dunedin.

NZ Govt graphic - Stay Home Save Lives

TAIC’s work continues despite Covid-19

8 Apr 2020

TAIC inquiries are continuing as normal. All Transport Accident Investigation Commission staff are working remotely, where necessary via telephone and online conferencing. Please follow the link further information.