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9 Oct 2017
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TAIC website homepage

On this page we take you through the website sections linked from the main top navigation bar, talk about your filter and search options, and tell us how you can give feedback to help guide ongoing improvements to this website.

Website sections


The Home page includes all the important Latest updates to the site – whether they be inquiries opened or closed, interim reports or urgent safety recommendations, inquiry updates, corporate news, publication of an accountability documents; or anything else that is new. 

On this and every page you'll also find the general Search site: box with the "Show me content for:" buttons which allows you to filter out content relating to other transport modes if you are focused on just one. If you have a single mode selected you can still search all content (and there's more information about search options below). Other features such as site map, accessibility information, searching instruction, and printer friendly page selection are available in the top right hand service navigation and at the bottom of every page. 

You'll also see a Quick launch function on many pages, which jumps you straight to the newest inquiries or recommendations, or those recently closed off.  On the home page, and most others you'll also see promoted content, such as a Watchlist focus, quick links to Share this page with others, options to Contact Us, a printer friendly page icon


The Watchlist section is where you can find out about the Commission’s most pressing current concerns: Robinson helicopters and mast bumping accidents; Rail level crossing safety; technologies to track and to locate; knowledge and skills of recreational boaties; and regulations around substance impairment.  You'll also find retired Watchlist items in this section when we get some!


The Investigations section opens a fully sortable and searchable database about TAIC’s entire history of inquiries. It includes basic information about ongoing (‘open’ inquiries); any interim reports issued, and Final Reports about inquiries that are now concluded (‘closed’ inquiries). Try out the feature which allows you to show inquiry search results on a map.

You can sort inquiry search results by Number, Occurrence Date, and Published Date. Click through from the inquiry Number to the individual page for each inquiry includes a summary information, links to related recommendations, as well as a photo and GPS location information with a map where possible.  

Advisory pages help you with Searching Investigations, Reading a final report, Ordering a printed report, and Subscribing for new reports where we'll email you a summary and a link everytime we publish one. We called this section Investigations because user testing suggested that Inquiries would be a confusing name for first time users expecting this section to feature help desk and similar contact us information. 


The Recommendations section presents a database of every formal recommendation ever made the Commission. It is completely sortable and searchable is a similar way to the Investigations section. 

Tables of recommendations are sortable by Number, date Made or Closed, and by the Recipient name. Click through a recommendation Number to get the full text and links to its related Inquiries. 

This section also has advisory pages about Searching Recommendations, and Recipient names currently in the database.

How we work

The How we work section describes the general stages of an inquiry: Opening an inquiry, Evidence gathering, Evidence analysis, Draft report and consultation, Final report and publication.  It also has important information for people and organisations Assisting a TAIC Inquiry, and how we go about Keeping victims and families informed.

About TAIC

The About TAIC section tells you about our structure and activities as an independent Crown entity – our Legal framework, the Strategy and Performance documents and disclosures we publish; profiles of our Commissioners (our Board) and the Executive management team. There's also a Careers at TAIC page, and Transport safety links to some of the organisations we work closest with in New Zealand and overseas.


The News section contains what you would expect - a list of our news articles and media releases with the most recent one at the top, and a News archive structured by calendar year.


You can now sort and search for information in several ways - looking across the whole site, or within our separate databases for inquiries or recommendations.

The fastest way to focus what you see on to a single transport mode is to select that option in the Show me content for box. The standard search box looks for webpage content across the site, but excludes the content of .pdf documents (such as inquiry reports or strategy and performance documents).  Advanced search allows you to search .pdf document content (although inquiry reports from before 1999 are not searchable in this way). 

Because the Investigations and Recommendations sections are based on special purpose databases, the best way to find what you need is to use the filter, search and sort functions in those sections, and not the general search tools.   

These different options to sort and find different information types are set out in the Searching article on the services menu at the top and bottom of every page, and advisory articles in the Investigations and Recommendations sections. Please try the different methods out, as the results and usefulness will vary depending on the search tool selected, the settings and keywords you use, and the information you are seeking.

Here are some fuller instructions for searching, sorting and filtering this website.

Internet Explorer users

If you browsed our old website using Internet Explorer you are likely to have had "compatability view" selected for our site.  This is no longer required, and actually disrupts some aspects of the updated website. If "The latest" section on the home page displays as an odd single column, or you can't see a Google map when looking at an investigation page, then this is why.  Please check and remove www.taic.org.nz from your compatability view settings, accessed through the general settings cog top right, or the page settings menus. You need to click on the www.taic.org.nz address in the list, and then click "remove".

Give us feedback on this website

We want your feedback on this website.  Please also let us know of any possible content errors, display or performance glitches, and give us your suggestions for improvements.  Use Contact Us available at the top and bottom of each page and selecting the "I would like to ... ...give feedback on this website" subject option.  Please tell us the browser, operating system and device you are using if reporting a display or performance issue.