Bulk log carrier "Jody F Millennium", grounding, Gisborne, 6 February 2002
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On Wednesday 6 February 2002, at about 2152, the log carrier "Jody F Millennium" with a master and 18 crew on board, grounded in the Gisborne approach channel when it encountered large swells as it left the relative shelter of the breakwater while departing from the port. The ship was subsequently driven by the swell on to the shelving shoal area to the north of the channel, where it remained for 18 days before being re-floated. At the time of the grounding the ship was still within the pilotage area, but the pilot had disembarked a few minutes earlier.

Safety issues identified included:
• adequacy of interpretation and dissemination of weather forecasts and actual weather at remote locations
• adequacy of mooring system for expected conditions
• adequacy of communication between master and pilot
• adherence to minimum criteria for safe departure with regards to under keel clearance calculated from tide times and heights
• appropriateness of early pilot disembarkation
• difficulty of a pilot working alone, without the benefit of peer discussion or challenge, leading to a one-man decision without full exploration of possible alternatives
• appropriateness of limiting dimensions of ships able to use Port of Gisborne
• adequacy of the management and employment system practised by Port of Gisborne.

Safety recommendations were made to the General Manager of Eastland Port Limited, the Chief Executive of Gisborne District Council, the General Manager of Adsteam Port Services Limited and the Gisborne Adsteam Port Services Limited pilot.
Gisborne (-38.678039,178.016453) [may be approximate]