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Eastland Port
Review the limiting dimensions of ships allowed to use the port to better reflect the PIANC guidelines.
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Eastland Port needs to carry out further work before deciding whether to implement this recommendation.

Eastland Port has reservations about the appropriateness of PIANC Guidelines in this regard and, as indicated above, is commissioning independent marine experts to carry out a Risk Assessment for the port which will address these issues.

It is not possible at this stage to indicate when Eastland Port will be in a position to decide whether or not to implement the recommendation. That will depend on the timing and contents of the Risk Assessment report.

However, it is important to record that Eastland Port has adopted the following requirement, which was promulgated by Port Gisborne Limited on 20th February 2003 to all port users. It will continue to remain in force until Eastland Port has taken decisions following the completion of the Risk Assessment.

That, Ships of 150 m LOA and above are required to be assisted by two tugs unless otherwise directed by the Pilot.

That, Ships greater than 175 LOA but less than 200 LOA may transit in and out of port if the following criteria are all satisfied:

i. Swell conditions in the channel and port are less than 2 metres in height; and
ii. The cross wind conditions in the channel less than 15 knots; and
iii. There is an under-keel clearance of at least 2 metres; and
iv. The ship’s transit is during daylight hours; and
v. Conditions of unrestricted visibility prevail: and
vi. The Harbourmaster is in attendance at the port of Gisborne and the Pilot and the Harbourmaster have conducted a risk assessment of weather conditions and ship particulars before the vessel enters or departs the port of Gisborne; and
vii. The Harbourmaster is to closely monitor weather and sea conditions and the weather and swell forecast while the ship is berthed at the port of Gisborne in order to determine whether there is any risk from weather which may result in the ship being unable to leave the port.
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