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Eastland Port
Investigate and improve the mooring system so that it is effective for the size and type of vessels expected to utilise the port. Such improvement should include the provision of sufficient adequately trained personnel to operate the system.
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Eastland Port intends to implement this recommendation. As indicated below, timing for complete implementation is uncertain. It is dependent upon investigation reports yet to be received.

A team comprised of CentrePort marine consultants, Gisborne Pilot and linesmen, intend to visit New Plymouth port during May and review the mooring system employed by Westgate, with a view to formulating a best practice mooring and linesmen training system for Gisborne.

Eastland Port believe that it would be prudent to defer any implementation of such a revised system until the Independent Risk Assessment is carried out, during which the present practice and any proposed revision to that practice will be critically analysed.

Once a best practice system has been determined and critically reviewed, Eastland Port intend to replace all existing ships lines (except Lanyards – see item 2 below) and purchase sufficient lines of the appropriate configuration to enable such a system to be introduced.
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