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Eastland Port
Determine the least depth of the channel to establish the maximum size of vessels. Channel depths should be confirmed at sufficiently regular intervals to provide early indication of in-filling, and maintained by regular dredging. Changes in least depth should be promulgated to all appropriate persons at the earliest opportunity.
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Eastland Port accepts this recommendation. Implementation is now complete.

Eastland Port in conjunction with the Harbour Master, has determined the depth limits for the channel at 10.3m. On 17th April 2003 this was promulgated to all relevant parties, including Pilot, Agents and port users.

This limit was established after:

a dredging program conducted by NZ Dredging and General Works between 20th March and 9th April 2003.

a survey carried out by Hunter Hydrographic on 9th April 2003, which confirms the depth in the channel was between 10.3 and 11m. The Harbourmaster and Pilot are in receipt of these surveys.

Included in the Procedures Manual previously referred is a stipulation that surveys be carried out by in-house personnel at the end of each month, and that a monthly program of 5-6 days dredging be performed by the dredge owned by Eastland Port to remedy any in-filling which has occurred at the commencement of each month.

Additionally, the Procedures Manual stipulates that Eastland Port will contract an independent hydrographic surveyor at 4-month intervals.

It is anticipated that these measures will ensure that the channel remains at an operation depth of at least 10.3m on an ongoing basis, and provide the new owners with a data base of hydrographic surveys going forward.
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