Update: MO-2016-206 Fishing charter vessel Francie, capsize, Kaipara Harbour entrance, 26 Nov 16

29 Nov 2016

The Commission now has four investigators working on the inquiry in the Auckland and Kaipara area. They are being supported by staff at the Commission’s head office in Wellington.

The focus at present is gathering information from the survivors, next of kin, police, members of the Kaipara boating community, and the Coastguard.

Chief Investigator Captain Tim Burfoot said the Commission team was keen to gather as much information as soon as it could while memories remained fresh. A great deal of information had already been collected “but it is still early days in the investigation.”

Some debris washed up on local Kaipara beaches had been collected by police and would be passed to the Commission for analysis.

“The location of the wreck is currently unknown. The Commission will consider that aspect of the inquiry once all other evidence has been gathered and analysed.”

Captain Burfoot said the gathering of evidence would continue for some time.

The Commission had the ability to issue urgent safety recommendations at any stage if required.