TAIC inquiring into Airways NZ power outage, consequent loss of air traffic control

1 Oct 2019

The Transport Accident Investigation Commission is inquiring into a power outage at the Airways New Zealand control centre in Christchurch on Monday 1 October 2019.

The circumstances reported to date indicate that a fault in an uninterruptable power supply unit had triggered a fire alarm and power outage. There was a loss of radar coverage and disruption to air traffic control services.  Radar and communications were reported to have been switched to backup systems for about 40 minutes, and the disruption affected flights across New Zealand into the evening.

The Commission has appointed a team of two investigators, who are now gathering evidence.

The Commission opens an inquiry when it believes the circumstances of an accident or incident have - or are likely to have - significant implications for transport safety, or when the inquiry may allow the Commission to make findings or recommendations to improve transport safety.

 [As initially reported, subject to change, not official findings.]