TAIC hiring data recovery specialist

1 Jul 2024
Mosaic of photos of TAIC accident investigators on site
TAIC investigators on site

We're seeking a technical data expert to join the investigation services team.

This specialist role involves interesting work, with smart people, doing good. It will expose you to an incredibly interesting environment assisting in interpretation of recovered data for air, marine, and rail investigations.

You'll get involved at various stages throughout accident investigations. You could be working at an accident site on a mountainside, a port or a train station. 

You'll seek and secure data sources at site or from organisations, maintaining the integrity of evidence and later extraction and analysis.

You'll provide detailed technical data analysis, reconstruct accidents using 2D/3D technology, and present your findings and the complexities. And you'll need to be able to communicate the data for non-data people to understand.

There will be some travel and overnight stays.

You'll need to draw on sound knowledge and skills in:

  • Secure data from accident site, aircraft, marine and rail vehicles
  • Forensic data recovery. Where devices are damaged, this can include binary data at the chip level and associated interpretation and validation of binary data to engineering units.
  • Assist in engaging with national and international peers and/or external stakeholders regarding new, unfamiliar, or complex solutions.
  • Laboratory and Equipment Support -- including emerging technologies
  • Analyse technical data to assist investigators in establishing accident timelines and vehicle trajectories, AND make it easy for unititiated people to understand.
  • Create informative and clear diagrams to represent evidence visually and edit audio/visual technology to ensure high quality presentation of information.  

Other skills and experience we'd like to see in your CV include a sound knowledge of:

  • mechatronics/microelectronics/electronics/avionics
  • data recovery, audio and video analysis
  • computer engineering, automation systems and machine learning/AI
  • GIS
  • Python, VBA or other high level programming languages.

You'll have a tertiary qualification in mechatronic or electronic engineering, or software development and programming qualifications.

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How to apply

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity to showcase your forensic data analysis skills, supported by sound tertiary qualifications, then apply now! We appreciate you might not have all of the skills we're seeking so please include a cover letter in your application highlighting why you see this role as a great fit for you.

For a full job description or to chat about this role, please contact Jacaleen Williams at Talent International on 021 732 996.

Applications close 5pm on Tuesday 9 July 2024.