The wreckage of the helicopter
The wrecked helicopter at the accident site being inspected by a TAIC investigator. Photo NZDF
Mt Pirongia, BK-117 Collision with terrain, 19 September 2023
Occurrence Date
The reported circumstances were that the BK-117 helicopter, ZK-HHJ, was conducting a search and rescue operation when it crashed into dense bush on a Mt Pirongia, south-west of Hamilton. The helicopter crew survived, reportedly uninjured.
The Transport Accident Investigation Commission issued a Protection Order under section 12 of the Transport Accident Investigation Commission Act, 1990. The order relates to:
•A 1 km perimeter around the reported final main wreckage resting location near Wharauroa Lookout 37° 59.43’S 175° 07.36’E
•Any wreckage within this area or identified aircraft type components found in the vicinity outside this area.