Accountability documents

As an independent Crown entity, the Commission is publicly accountable to the Minister of Transport (or designated Associate) and to Parliament for its strategy, funding and performance.

This accountability is expressed through documents of accountability:

  • A Statement of Intent (SOI) is published at least once every three years. It charts our strategic context and direction. SOIs were required annually up to the 2014-15 financial year. 
  • A Statement of Performance Expectations sets out service and financial targets. It is generally published on or after the Government presents its annual budget and before 30 June. These were introduced from the 2014-15 financial year.
  • The Annual Report measures performance against these statements, reviews key events or issues, and is independently audited. It is generally published late in the calendar year. The Commission also provides a half-yearly report to the Minister of Transport.

All of these accountability documents are based on financial years running from 1 July until 30 June. These are all (except for the recommendations monitor report) tabled in Parliament by the Minister or Associate Minister of Transport, and reviewed by Parliament's Transport and Industrial Relations Committee.

You can download .pdf files of these documents by clicking on the links in the table below.

Strategy and performance documents

Financial Year Statements of Intent Statements of Performance Expectations Annual Reports
2023/24   Statement of Performance Expectations 2023-24  
2022/23   Statement of Performance Expectations 2022/23 Annual Report 2022/23
2021/22 Statement of Intent 2021-25 Statement of Performance Expectations 2021/22 Annual Report 2021/22
2020/21   Statement of Performance Expectations 2020/21 Annual Report 2020/21
2019/20   Statement of Performance Expectations 2019/20 Annual Report 2019/20
2018/19 Statement of Intent 2018-22 Statement of Performance Expectations 2018/19 Annual Report 2018/19
2017/18   Statement of Performance Expectations 2017/18 Annual Report 2017/18
2016/17   Statement of Performance Expectations 2016/17 Annual Report 2016/17

Statement of Intent 2015-19 

(TAIC's first triennial Statement of Intent)

Statement of Performance Expectations 2015/16 Annual Report 2015/16
2014/15 Statement of Intent 2014-18 

Statement of Performance Expectations 2014/15

(First in FY 14/15, SPEs replace content previously in annual Statements of Intent.)

Annual Report 2014/15
2013/14 Statement of Intent 2013-16   Annual Report 2013/14
2012/13 Statement of Intent 2012-15   Annual Report 2012/13
2011/12 Statement of Intent 2011-14   Annual Report 2011/12
2010/11 Statement of Intent 2010-14   Annual Report 2010/11
2009/10 Statement of Intent 2009-12   Annual Report 2009/10
2008/09 Statement of Intent 2008-11   Annual Report 2008/09
2007/08 Statement of Intent 2007-10   Annual Report 2007/08
2006/07 Statement of Intent 2006-09   Annual Report 2006/07
2005/06     Annual Report 2005/06
2004/05     Annual Report 2004/05
2003/04     Annual Report 2003/04
2002/03     Annual Report 2002/03
2001/02     Annual Report 2001/02
2000/01     Annual Report 2000/01