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The CO2 fixed fire-fighting system installed in the engine room of the PeeJay V was not fully effective in extinguishing the fire because the space it was protecting was not, and could not, be fully closed down.

When the CO2 system was triggered it did suppress the fire, but only for a few minutes. The reason for this was there was four ways for fresh air to enter the engine room after the CO2 had been injected into the compartment.

The construction of the engine room did not allow the compartment to be fully sealed, which rendered the CO2 fixed fire-fighting system ineffective.

The crew were not sufficiently familiar with the principles of the CO2 fixed fire-fighting system for the engine room, which meant they lacked the knowledge to ensure the integrity of the system before and during the fire.

The Commission recommends to the Director of MNZ that he promotes the need for people and organisations involved in the design, installation and use of any fixed fire-fighting systems to fully document and understand the principles and operation of those systems.
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I accept this recommendation. Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) will communicate directly with surveyors and other relevant persons to promote this need over the coming 12 months.
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