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"On date the Commission recommended to the Director of Civil Aviation that he urge Transport Canada to:
- note the instances of false verification of landing gear position reported for the Q300 and some related aeroplanes and the potential for a false indication to cause an accident, and
- require Bombardier Aerospace to take action to improve the reliability and dependability of the down-lock verification system"
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On 23 August 2012 the Director of Civil Aviation replied that he:

will accept the recommendation by co-ordinating with Transport Canada on the safety issues as outlined.

On 28 August 2012 the Director General, Civil Aviation, of Transport Canada responded, in part:

Transport Canada Civil Aviation National Aircraft Certification, Continuing Airworthiness Corrective Action engineers are working with Bombardier with respect to this accident and the highlighted discrepancies. It has been identified that aircrew are not performing alternate gear extension and are relying solely on the secondary indication system. Consequently, Bombardier has re-evaluated their risk assessment and has implemented a Service Bulletin which requires an inspection to verify the operation and integrity of the alternate downlock indication system and AFM [Aircraft Flight Manual] and QRH revisions which require the use of the alternate landing gear extension procedure for any malfunction not covered by a specific procedure.

The AFM Temporary Amendment has been issued and is found in Section 4 for each individual aircraft model type AFM… The accompanying QRH change is pending and is expected to appear in Revision 21 of the QRH.
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