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An engine that had been involved in a sudden stoppage incident overseas was put through a conformity inspection and released to service in New Zealand without the required inspections having been completed. The regulator's guidelines for inspecting used parts of unknown origin was not well defined, and the company's approved procedures developed from these guidelines were not adequate in this case. A thorough research of the engine's history, seeking further details of the accident and clarification from the vendor, would have likely uncovered the sudden stoppage event, and the required inspections would have been carried out.

On 10 December 2014 the Commission recommended to the Director of Civil Aviation that he provide specific guidance to Civil Aviation Rule Part 145 certified companies, for the performance of conformity inspections of parts and components with unknown service histories or incomplete airworthiness documentation, or that have been stored improperly.
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The CAA advises that the Director will not accept the recommendation as worded. However, the Director is prepared to review the general guidance material contained in AC00-1. This process is envisaged to take some time and therefore an implementation date cannot be provided at this time.
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