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Crew resource management competency is not yet an effective safety measure for helicopters operating under CAR Part 135. On 22 February 2023 the Commission recommended that the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand address this safety issue.
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You have asked if the Authority can advise its position in relation to the implementation of the above recommendations, including the actions taken (or to be taken) and the estimated timeframe.
Existing work
The Authority has two existing programmes of work that relate to the recommendations.
The first is that as part the Authority’s rule development work, (the Transport Rules Programme) AC91-13 (Night Vision Imaging Systems - Helicopter) is being redrafted to align the AC with new technology and ICAO Standards.1
When the redraft is complete, it will be released for consultation. However, the timing of that release is yet to be determined and so I cannot give you a specific timeframe, but will update you further, as below.
The second is that the Authority will, through its monitoring and inspection function, continue to both promote international best practice and assess operators’ ability to identify and appropriately manage the risk of using NVIS against best practice.
The above are clear steps that will address the issues identified, and form part of our response to the Commission’s inquiry.
New work
In addition, to ensure that any other gaps that the Authority should resolve in this area are identified and responded to, the Authority will commence a gap analysis to identify if any further work is appropriate in the areas of crew competency and performance/standards in the helicopter air ambulance space to support giving effect to recommendations 021/22 and 022/22.
You have asked that we respond to you further on our response to your recommendations and we are happy to do so.
For an update on the gap analysis, and the AC9-31 consultation timeframe, we expect to give you an update in early September.
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