The accident aircraft (Photo (c) Derek Quinn |
The accident aircraft (Photo (c) Derek Quinn |
BK-117 helicopter, impact with water, vicinity of Auckland Island, 22 April 2019
Occurrence Date
The Commission has opened an inquiry into an accident involving a BK117 helicopter near the sub-Antarctic Auckland Islands on the evening of 22 April 2019.

The circumstances reported to date are that the helicopter, with three people on board, was on a medical evacuation mission. It was last heard from at 7:37pm on approach to the Auckland Islands. The operator reported the helicopter overdue at 2015, and a search and rescue operation was initiated. The three people on board were located alive on Auckland Island on the following morning. Searchers also located helicopter wreckage in the sea nearby.

[As initially reported, subject to change, not official findings.]
vicinity of Auckland Island (-50.542127,166.287777) [may be approximate]