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Airways Corp
On 23 August 2018 the Commission is therefore recommending that the Chief Executive Officer of Airways review the current practices of aerodrome control at Hamilton to ensure that the level of ATC service is consistent with CAA rules and the aerodrome safety system.
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Airways wishes to confirm that it will implement the final recommendation of the Transport Accident Investigation Commission pertaining to the Hamilton ATC unit. Much has already been done by way of changes made to the Hamilton airspace to reduce potential conflictions and the need for traffic information, however the following additional actions along with a proposed timeline will be undertaken.

A senior Performance Coach to conduct an independent live observations audit of current traffic information provision practice. This audit will also include:
- A review of national and local unit training and operational guidance material to ensure it adequately sets expectations of the required performance outcome.
- Measure current traffic information provision compliance against regulatory expectations.
- Canvasing local users for evidence of specific areas of non- compliance
- Making recommendations where necessary that would ensure compliance and best practice expectations are meet.
31 October 2018 - Hamilton

Conduct a program of remote random radio telephone sampling of unit transmissions to measure actual performance against expectations. This sampling will include at least 3 sets of at least 10 transmissions each month for a period of 3 months. Feedback supplied to unit and improvement action plan agreed where necessary.
31 December 2018 - Hamilton

A review of Radio Telephone performance (including the provision of Traffic Information) to be included as a standard agenda item for the quarterly Hamilton Safety Sub Committee Meetings for a period of 6 months. Where deficiencies in performance are identified a plan is to be agreed by the committee that will address area of deficiency at the root cause level to ensure best practice is achieved by ATC and Pilots alike.
31 March 2019

Report summary compiled of actions 1-3 above including relevant evidence for the CEO Airways to satisfy the Commission that actions have been completed and that best practice in relation to the provision of Traffic Information is in place at Hamilton.
30 April 2019

I [Airways] will advise you when these actions have been completed in accordance with your requirements.
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