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Wisdom Marine International
Date Closed
On 25 June 2014 the Commission recommended that the operating company for the Taokas Wisdom focus in more detail on the effectiveness of the emergency-response training on board all ships under its management.
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The Designated-Person-Ashore of Wisdom Marine international Inc. replied:
According to above-mentioned safety lessons, I consider it's important to issue a circular to educate crew related to skills in fire extinguishing
- Shut off air ventilation in enclosed space onboard ships which is on fire
- Contain the fire in this enclosed space
- Bridge Team (Control Center) shall be organized and Master shall make command to effectively response [sic]
- Fireman outfits and sufficient appliances shall be prepared prior to entering fire scene to extinguish fire.
- When fire in port, immediate report to port authority shall be done for more resources
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