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On 27 July 2016 the Commission gave notice to the Director of Civil Aviation that a recommendation has been made to the Secretary for Transport that he promote, through the appropriate ICAO forum, the need for cockpit video recorders and/or other forms of data capture in the cockpits of certain classes of helicopter to address this safety issue.
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The Director has considered the recommendation and in view of the Secretary for Transport's response to the Commission on the matter of cockpit video recorders and/or other forms of data capture, the Director is prepared to accept the recommendation but with a caveat that reflects the Secretary's response, i.e, That the Director of Civil Aviation conduct a safety and cost benefit exercise of installing flight data and/or cockpit video in certain classes of helicopters.

In that regard the Director will initiate an issue assessment paper on recording devices for certain classes of helicopters. Given the timeframe of such a study is likely to be lengthy; the Director cannot provide a completion date at this stage.
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