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On 18 November 2020 the Commission recommended that Maritime New Zealand ensure that future Maritime Rules require appropriate stability, buoyancy, and survivability assessments with respect to a vessel’s area of operation, and that information is made available for all domestic commercial passenger vessels.
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We agree with this recommendation.

The issue will be incorporated into a wider reform of Maritime Rules Part 40.
This reform project began in 2018 and is the most significant reform of
domestic commercial vessel standards in almost 20 years.

The project will explore what information should be made available on
vessels, including passenger vessels. More broadly, the recommendation
speaks to things such as passenger safety briefings and safety systems, which
fall under Maritime Rules Part 19: Maritime Transport Operator –
Certifications and Responsibilities. As part of the reform project, possible
links and consequential amendments to Part 19 will be explored.

The purpose of Rules Part 19 is to require maritime transport operators to
develop, and operate in accordance with, safety systems that are specific and
appropriate to their maritime transport operation. Specifically, Part 19
prescribes certification requirements for persons who conduct maritime
transport operations and the requirements for continuing such operations.

The 40 Series Reform is a long-term, collaborative project that intends to
ensure that the rules for design, construction and equipment for domestic
(non-SOLAS) ships are fit for purpose. Because of the scale of the reform
being undertaken in this project, Maritime NZ believes the new rules, if
accepted by the Minister of Transport, would likely come into effect in 2023.
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