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It is possible that the Te Onetea Road level crossing is one that has been affected by changes in the allowable dimensions of long, low road vehicles. Unless the profiles of all level crossings are assessed against the current allowable dimensions for long, low vehicles, the potential risk of this type of accident occurring will remain high.

The ALCAM survey measures the gradient of the road leading up to the level crossing, but does not measure the rate of change in gradient in order to record the profile or vertical alignment of the road for the purposes of ensuring that road-legal vehicles can use the level crossing safely without becoming stuck.

It is important that rail level crossings are compatible with road vehicles, and that road users are made aware of limitations on the use of at-risk level crossings, in much the same way that drivers of high vehicles are warned of low bridges and tunnels.

The Commission recommends that the Chief Executive of the NZ Transport Agency work with KiwiRail and all road controlling authorities to ensure that rail level crossing assessments include a measure of the road profile and compatibility with the allowable dimensions for long and low road vehicles.
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In relation to Recommendation 013/16, the Transport Agency is currently exploring options of how to best find a solution to addrss this safety recommendation.

We will inform the Commission once the Transport Agency has both determind and can detail the scope of what is required.
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