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The Commission recommends that the Secretary for Transport review and revise Civil Aviation Rule Parts 105, 115 and 149 for parachuting operations, in conjunction with the Part 149 organisations’ operating procedures and standards, to reduce the potentially adverse consequences of an unintended water landing.
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The Ministry will now liaise with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), as the regulator of civil aviation in New Zealand, to investigate what action to take in response to the recommendations.

The CAA oversees aviation safety and the rules underpinning it. The CAA has a formal issues assessment process, and the final TAIC recommendations will be put through this process. As part of the process, the CAA will identify and assess options to resolve the issues raised. Following this, a policy investigation process will be undertaken. This is a more rigorous assessment of the problem, and the options and impacts of potential interventions. It is possible for a policy investigation to conclude that an action other than a rule amendment would be more effective in addressing the issue.

The Ministry will inform TAIC of the outcome of the above CAA process. I should reiterate, however, that this may not necessarily result in any rule changes.
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