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CIEL Shipmanagement S.A.
On board the Rena, the master and crew were not following the navigation and watchkeeping standards and procedures set down in the Rena's safety management system for at least the six coastal voyages leading up to the grounding.

With respect to port state control records, other vessels managed by CIEL also had a higher than average rate of deficiencies than the average for the Asia-Pacific region.

The Commission recommends that CIEL evaluate the effectiveness of its safety management system to ensure that the issues identified with that system as applied on board the Rena do not affect other vessels within its fleet.
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1. We understand the first two paragraphs of recommendation 010/14 are given by way of introduction or summary of the conclusions in the report. However, you will also appreciate from our previous submissions, we do not agree with these two paragraphs.

2. The first two paragraphs are statements of facts and opinions and are not recommendations. It is not possible to implement anything asserted in the first two paragraphs as has been suggested.

3. CIEL strongly objects to the content and utility of these two paragraphs in the recommendation for the reasons [given].

. . .

11. With regard to the actual recommendation in the third paragraph CIEL had implemented such a review. This included an internal review of the safety management system and the performance of vessel audits, including navigational audits.
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