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The Commission recommended to the Director of MNZ that they engage with operators working under Maritime Rules Part 82 to identify jet boat systems which carry the risk of single point failure that would result in a total loss of control of the jet boat, and discuss possible measures that could be taken to reduce the risk to passengers and crew to as low as reasonably practicable.
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We thank you for amending the draft version of this recommendation based on our feedback of 13 April 2022.

We accept this recommendation. In response, building on actions taken in response to recommendation 010/19 (as detailed in paragraph 5.6 of the draft report), we will empower Maritime NZ staff and delegated parties to engage on issues related to single point failure during systems audits, vessel inspections, and other routine engagement. Additionally, at this year’s New Zealand Commercial Jet Boating Association (NZCJBA) annual national conference, we will make sure that discussions include issues related to single points of failure. Finally, Maritime NZ is working with the NZCJBA to develop guidance to support operators to identify and reduce risks related to single point failure.

Thank you again for this notification and opportunity to comment.
Yours sincerely
Peter Brunt
Deputy Director, Regulatory Systems Design
Maritime New Zealand
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