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On 26 September 2019 the Commission recommended to the Director of Maritime New Zealand that they take any measures available to them to make post-2004 fishing vessels comply with as many of the design, construction and equipment standards prescribed in the current Rule 40D as are reasonable and practicable.
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We agree with this recommendation. Maritime New Zealand is undertaking a review of Maritime Rules Part 40 Series, which is intended to address this issue definitely. Maritime New Zealand will, in the meantime, continue to work with vessel owners, operators and surveyors to adopt an approach to the pre-post 2004 concept in a way that seeks to achieve safe standards.

The 40 Series Reform is a long-term, collaborative project that intends to ensure that the rules for design, construction and equipment for domestic (non-SOLAS) ships are fit for purpose. Maritime NZ is working actively with the sector to ensure that survey and oversight of vessels continues under the existing law pending the outcome of the reform project.

Because of the scale of the reform being undertaken in this project, Maritime NZ believes the new rules, if accepted by the Minister, would likely come into effect in 2023.

As maritime rule amendments take some time Maritime NZ is proposing to undertake work within the next 12 months to provide further interim guidance to industry on this issue.
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