Recommendation Date
Recipient Name
MacGregor Germany GmbH & Co
The Commission recommended that MacGregor Germany GmbH & Co, the manufacturer of the mooring winch, ensure that other operators using the same type of winch are aware that the transverse bar should be removed after the winch has been installed on the vessel to increase the safe operation of the mooring winch.
Reply Text
We as MacGregor confirm that we will implement the aforementioned recommendation.
The estimated schedule for the related activities is as follows:

No. Task Due date
1. Identifying operators using the same type of winch May 30th 2022
2. Preparation of information letter for operators May 30th 2022
3. Contacting identified operators by sending the information letter (with requested for feedback) June 30th 2022
4. Collecting feedback from identified operators July 30th 2022
5. Evaluating the feedback, closing or defining further steps (reminding, technical support or guidance, arranging (video) meeting, etc.) August 30th 2022

According to the estimated schedule, the final recommendation 007/22 will be implemented until 30th of June 2022. We will inform you once our related activities are completed.
Further steps might be necessary to ensure that our information was received and implemented if required. We will keep you informed in this regard too.

Hope to serve you with this feedback.
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