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Hawke's Bay RC
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No-one in Hawke's Bay Regional Council or the Port Authority and none of the pilots themselves realised that the procedures for outward pilotage were in error. The pilotage areas marked on the navigational charts and contained in nautical publications did not align with the Maritime Rules and the Regional Council’s Navigation Safety Bylaws.

On 15 April 2014 the Commission recommended to the Chief Executive of Hawke's Bay Regional Council that the harbourmaster ensure that the Maritime Rules and Bylaws for piloting vessels within the Napier Pilotage Area are followed. Further, that the markings on and content in nautical publications such as, but not limited to, charts, Admiralty Sailing Directions and Admiralty Lists of Radio Signals are accurate in describing the areas and procedures for pilotage within Hawke's Bay Regional Council's areas of responsibility.
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On the 15 January 2014, the Harbourmaster and Napier Port Services Manager agreed to make the recommended changes to the Napier Port Outward Pilotage procedure. Napier Port Services Manager, Bruce Lochead, notified TAIC, by letter, of the changes on the 27 February 2014 and provided a copy of the new procedure.

LINZ was requested to make changes to chart NZ5612, Napier roads, on 26 February 2014. These changes related to the Commission's recommendations as well as changes to pilot boarding grounds and No: 2 anchorage. A Notice to Mariners 87/14 has been issued advising of these changes.

LINZ has also been requested to make further permanent changes to NZ5612, in regard to the Outward Pilotage Limit and Inward Pilotage Limit on the chart. A Notice to Mariners has not yet been issued advising of these changes.

Changes to Admiralty Sailing Directions and Admiralty Lists of Radio Signals are the domain of the publishers of those publications. The publishers obtain information from Notices to Mariners and publish updates accordingly.
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