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Three of the 5 persons involved in this accident received serious head injuries and 2 of these died as an indirect result.
There are a number of other activities where the benefit of wearing a helmet has been recognised: cycling, snow skiing, motorcycling, white-water kayaking and white-water rafting to name a few. Given the protection they can provide, it would seem that wearing them on a personal watercraft would be wise and there may be a case for it to be mandatory.
Whether wearing a helmet in a jet-boat or any other craft capable of high-speed is practicable will require some research.
It is recommended that the Director of Maritime New Zealand work with the National Pleasure Boat Safety Forum and the New Zealand Jet Sports Boating Association on an educational campaign for the voluntary wearing of safety helmets on personal watercraft engaged in high risk water activities, with a goal of mandating their use.
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MNZ is planning to discuss the use of helmets for personal water craft users at the next National Pleasure Boat Forum which is scheduled for May 2011. In the meantime, the use of helmets in high speed boating activities continues to be promoted in a range of educational material.
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