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Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore
The Commission recommended that the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore investigate and, if necessary, review their audit processes to see if they can be further developed to identify weaknesses in the safety management system and their practical implementation on-board vessels under their flag.
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MPA is aware of the incident and had initiated its preliminary inquiry in accordance with the Merchant Shipping Act of Singapore. This inquiry is conducted independently from the Transport Safety Investigation Bureau’s (Ministry of Transport) Marine Safety Investigation (MSI), whose aim is for lessons learned and the prevention of recurrence, without apportioning blame or liability.
We have reviewed the Company’s investigation report and are satisfied with its corrective / preventive actions to prevent a recurrence, where amongst other things (the Company, in consultation with the winch manufacturer), has removed the cross-over bars under the winches.
MPA has concluded its preliminary inquiry and whilst there was no loss of life involved arising out of this shipboard incident/accident, we have considered this as a case of serious injury. MPA intends to promulgate this case in our regular e-bulletin to the maritime industry to highlight to stake holders the hazards associated with mooring operations. In addition, the case was shared with MPA’s flag State control department to strengthen checks of mooring operations as part of the control and monitoring programme by MPA (as flag State) for Singapore-flagged ships, including FSC inspections / safety management audits for “RIO DE LA PLATA”.
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