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Some commercial jet-boats on the Kawarau River have been travelling at unsafe speeds in contravention of Maritime Rules. A similar situation probably exists on the Kaituna River, and possibly on rivers in other areas as well.
It is recommended that the Director of Maritime New Zealand and the Chief Executive of Local Government New Zealand work with local authorities to address this safety issue.
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The requirement for all vessels to operate at a safe speed is universally applicable. Safe speed is defined in Maritime Rules Part 22 and modified by specific speeds and distances contained in Part 91 and local bylaws. The ability to restrict other craft from operating in an area can be used to mitigate risks. Rule 22.6 includes specific requirements for skippers to consider when deciding on what speed is safe. It is reasonable to expect authorities to include these requirements, where appropriate, when giving consideration to granting consents to operate vessels in restricted areas.
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