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The Helicopter Line
On 21 February 2018, the Commission recommended that the Chief Executive of The Helicopter Line, in consultation with the CAA, review The Helicopter Line’s safety management system audit process to ensure that its safety policy, safety assurance, risk management and promotion of safety are sound.
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Regarding the recommendation to review THL’s safety management system I confirm The Helicopter Line (THL) has opened discussion on this matter with CAA and is already implementing this review. I will now provide an update on current changes and timelines to complete a range of improvements.

THL and CAA have agreed that the 2018 THL re-entry audit and (likely) 2019 Safety Management Systems (SMS) certification will be the best opportunities to progress the reviews referred to. This notwithstanding, THL has decided to implement some SMS elements in advance of its SMS certification.

Sector Risk Profiling has identified safety culture as a factor to be addressed by CAA and the industry. THL is fully engaged on this project and attended recent seminars on the project. CAA has agreed to provide learnings and information to THL resulting from this project.
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