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Until legislation is made setting limits for and testing of alcohol and other performance impairing substances for recreational and commercial boat drivers, the risk of alcohol-related accidents will be elevated.
It is recommended that the Secretary for Transport address this safety issue by promoting appropriate legislation to set maximum allowable levels of alcohol and other performance impairing substances for persons in charge of recreational and commercial craft, and supporting legislation to allow testing for such levels in these cases.
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Please see report for full reply. The Director of Maritime NZ replied "This issue is currently part of a wide ranging consideration by the Ministry of Transport of the use of alcohol and drugs in the transport sector. A maximum blood-alcohol level for skippers of pleasure craft underway has been recommended by the National Pleasure Boat Safety Forum". The Manager Maritime and Freight of Ministry of Transport replied "Recreational and commercial boating is one of three areas of transport activity where no alcohol and drug limits or testing regime yet exists. The introduction of such a regime in any of these areas would be a major policy decision for government that would need to be informed by a thorough understanding of the problem and the policy options. The Ministry therefore intends to develop a report to government on the feasibility of a compulsory post-accident and incident drug and alcohol testing regime for the aviation, maritime and rail transport sectors".
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