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On 27 May 2021 the Commission recommended that the Director of Civil Aviation publish an educational article raising awareness of the importance of pilot type training being sufficiently comprehensive to mitigate any risks presented by particular helicopter characteristics
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The Authority will accept recommendation 004/21. The Authority agrees with publishing
educational articles, such as those published in Vector to raise awareness of the
importance of comprehensive pilot type training to mitigate the risks presented by
different helicopter characteristics. The Authority will update the Commission when an
educational article is published.

Furthermore, guidance material for helicopter type ratings is contained in Advisory
Circular (AC) 61-10. It references a suitable syllabus of training covering normal,
abnormal and emergency procedures for each type. On 8 March 2019, the Authority gave
greater clarity in Revision 10 of AC 61-10 around the measure that should be referenced
in creating training programmes. This was to further assist operators and instructors in
developing suitable training programmes.

This revision directed operators and instructors to the OEM (original equipment
manufacturer) and OSD (operational suitability data) training syllabus for complex and
Multi engine type ratings. This has been further emphasised in Revision 11 dated 6 June
2021 (still in draft as it's out for consultation) which gives further direction to look at the
Federal Aviation Administration Flight Standardization Board reports.

The OEM, as the manufacturer of the helicopter, offers the best training guidance on the
conduct of abnormal and emergency procedures for each of its helicopter types.

Further development work continues by the Authority with closer liaison with the OEMs.
More guidance is required for single-engine helicopters and is under review.
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