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While persons in charge of recreational craft are not required to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of Maritime Rules around collision avoidance, the risk of collisions and other mishaps will be elevated, increasingly so with increases in recreational boating activity.
It is recommended that the Secretary for Transport address this safety issue by recommending rules or some other mechanism that require the person in charge of a designated recreational craft to hold a licence or certificate that requires them to be appropriately educated to identified standards.
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Please see report for full reply. "To date, the Forum (National Pleasure Boat Safety Forum) has not been persuaded that the introduction of a generic skipper licensing scheme would result in any significant safety benefits, relative to the current more focused education/legislative programme that specifically targets the key risk factors in the fatality equation." .... "MNZ does not, therefore, support this recommendation at this time." The Manager Maritime and Freight of Ministry of Transport replied.. . "The Secretary is not in a position to make any recommendation for introduction of a licensing regime.”... "The Ministry of Transport will refer the Commission’s recommendation for discussion at the next meeting of the Forum, to be held on 12 May 2011"
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