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On 6 April 2020 the Commission recommended that the Chief Executive of KiwiRail identify cyclic track conditions on the national rail network and develop a standard that prioritises actions to be taken in order to reduce the likelihood of a derailment.
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KiwiRail accepts the recommendation as presented, noting that there is
already a cyclic line exceedance that is detected by the Track Evaluation Car for action by site staff as per Track Standard T-ST-AM-5120 Track Geometry.

The same equipment on this vehicle has the potential to detect cyclic top
exceedances such as that identified as part of the KiwiRail investigation into the Palmerston North derailment. Further investigation is required to
determine if the equipment is suitable, including any modifications that may
be required whilst ensuring that any changes to the equipment does not
affect its current capability.

Upon determination of the above, a process to develop relevant standards
and exceedance levels will be instigated involving third party modelling, site testing, and consultation. It is expected that the conclusion of this work will take approximately 18-24 months.
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