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Maritime Rules Part 80 required commercial jet-boat drivers to undergo a minimum of 50 hours training before being licensed to drive commercial jet-boats, but the Rule did not require the drivers to hold formal Maritime Documents requiring them to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the collision-prevention rules (Maritime Rules Part 22) and other maritime skills required of drivers of other types of commercial craft.
While acknowledging that some jet-boat operations do not require interactions with other craft (the Shotover Jet is one example), most commercial jet-boats operate on rivers and lakes where they must coexist with recreational and other commercial craft.
The Commission recommends to the Secretary of Transport that he liaise with the Director of Maritime New Zealand to address this safety issue, either by a change to the Maritime Rules or through some other appropriate forum.
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Please see report for full reply. "Maritime Rule Part 82, which incorporates a new licensing system for jet boat drivers, is scheduled for introduction in October 2011"..."These arrangements, once implemented, are expected to give effect to recommendation 003/11"
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