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South Port NZ
On 27 September 2021, the Commission made a recommendation to South Port that they ensure South Port’s safety management system develops measures to make certain that pilot training and proficiency requirements are being met as per the South Port Pilot and Tugmaster Training Manual and as required by Maritime Rule Part 90: Pilotage.
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The Company accepts the final recommendation and provides the following comments on actions completed and outstanding action item completion dates.

In February 2021, the Company reviewed its systems related to ensuring compliance with the approved South Port Safety Management Manual, with a particular focus on the South Port Pilot and Tugmaster Training Manual.

All training requirements are now recorded and managed in the Company’s training management system “The Vault”. This system contains all training required in the approved Pilot and Tugmaster Training Manual, including annual internal check pilot reviews and the requirement for a four yearly external assessment.

“The Vault” has automated reminders and lead times for training to be completed within the specified training periods.

The Company’s Liaison Pilot has been appointed to manage pilots’ training. This includes ensuring the Company complies with pilotage group training requirements included in the approved Safety Management System.

Responsibility for the management of this system for the Company’s Marine Division now sits with the Marine Operations Manager and Liaison Pilot.

A suitably experienced pilot/assessor will be engaged to complete the four yearly assessments in Bluff for all licenced pilots. This will be completed by 31 December 2021. The external assessments undertaken as part of the Fiordland pilotage activities will also continue once the cruise activities recommence. This will complement the assessments to be completed in the Bluff operating environment.

Other Comments:

In 2020 the Company commissioned an external review of pilotage practices in Bluff. This was completed by Marine Logistics Australia (MLA). The review recommended the development of a Pilotage Operation Safety Management System (POSMS) that forms part of the Company’s overall Port Safety Management System. Good progress is being made with the development of the POSMS, with continuing oversight from MLA. All aspects of pilotage in Bluff, including training and proficiency have been included. The Covid-19 pandemic and the limits this has placed on overseas travel has slowed the final draft completion date. The final draft is now expected to be completed by 31 December 2021.
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