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(a) conduct an urgent check of all maintenance organisations and licensed engineers approved to maintain hot-air balloons to ensure that their balloon maintenance practices fully comply with Civil Aviation Rules, and
(b) satisfy himself that all New Zealand-registered hot-air balloons are airworthy.
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I accept the thrust and intent of the recommendations made by the Commission.
I can advise the following:
The CAA [Civil Aviation Authority] initiated a safety investigation into the maintenance practices associated with balloon ZK-XXF on 15 February 2012
The CAA investigation will also examine maintenance practices associated with other balloons maintained by the maintenance provider of ZK-XXF
The CAA investigation will identify any other issues associated with the maintenance practices, and thus airworthiness, of balloons in New Zealand
The CAA investigation is being undertaken as a matter of urgency, with an initial report from the investigation team due on 29 February in relation to the first bullet point.
The CAA views the issues identified by the Commission very seriously and will act swiftly to address any deficiencies found in maintenance practices that place in doubt the airworthiness of hot air balloons operated in New Zealand. As a consequence of the advice received from the Commission, the CAA has amended the Terms of Reference for its investigation to more expressly address the maintenance and airworthiness issues of all hot air balloons as the third stage of the investigation.
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