Composite image - photos of the two hi-rail vehicles (rail-riding trucks). On the left, a flat bed truck's tailgate is deformed across its full width. On the right, the panels and bumper on the front of another truck are also deformed across the full width.
The two hi-rail trucks. [Images supplied]
Two Hi-Rail vehicles, collision, East Coast Main Trunk Line near Te Puna, 10 January 2023
Occurrence Date
TAIC is inquiring into an early-morning worksite accident on the East Coast Main Trunk Line near Te Puna, Bay of Plenty.

The reported circumstances were that two Hi-Rail vehicles* were involved in a collision while undertaking track work.

One vehicle occupant was injured and both vehicles were damaged in the accident.

[As initially reported, subject to change, not official findings].

* A hi-rail vehicle is a road vehicle fitted with retractable rail trolleys to enable it to also travel on rail tracks.