Photo of the landed aircraft with broken right undercarriage
The accident aircraft (Photo: SUST)
New Zealand-manufactured Pacific Aerospace Ltd 750XL aeroplane, landing gear failure, near Dubendorf, Switzerland, 17 August 2018
Occurrence Date
Report Publication Date
The Commission is providing New Zealand’s Accredited Representative to participate in a Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board’s investigation of an accident involving a New Zealand-manufactured Pacific Aerospace Ltd 750XL aeroplane on Thursday 16 August (Swiss time) near Dubendorf in Switzerland. The circumstances reported at the time of opening the investigation were that the Aeroplane was taking off from a grass runway with the pilot and 11 skydivers on board when the right main landing gear ‘separated’. The pilot landed the aeroplane (substantially damaged from the landing) with none of the occupants being injured.

New Zealand has completed its support for this inquiry. Please note, TAIC will not be producing a report for this inquiry.
near Dubendorf, Switzerland (47.189991,8.204722) [may be approximate]