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4.2 On 27 July 1988, following a separate accident it was recommended to the Director of Civil Aviation that he:

Require aircraft maintenance engineers to render inoperable or remove any unserviceable equipment in an aircraft which if used may endanger the safety of flight.

Consider requiring or recommending the fitting of carbon monoxide detection discs where there is a potential for contamination of an occupied area with this gas.
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The Director replied as follows:

" As stated in CAIC AIR 24, CO contamination should not occur if all cabin heating and exhaust systems are properly maintained in accordance with manufacturers instructions or approved maintenance schedules. NZCAR Vol 1 Airworthiness Standard F22 prescribes the conditions applicable to combustion heater maintenance. It is considered that the use of CO detector discs could provide an additional safety measure, but mandatory installation is not necessary. Consideration will be given to the inclusion in a future CAIC AIR of a suggestion that CO indicators be fitted in aircraft which could be affected by CO contamination."
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