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Air NZ
Review the capabilities of each of the personnel involved in the loading process to ensure they meet the required standards, are cognisant of their duties, and have sufficient resources and training to distribute and secure the load correctly.
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A full review of the aircraft loading process was initiated in December by Airport Service Delivery and Terminal Services following a loading review meeting called by the Group Safety and Security Department.

The outcomes of the review are a model for Air New Zealand loading staff. For other ground handling contractors the company will prescribe loading standards, specify training standards, and monitor and audit loading processes and outcomes (both through increased oversight by our Airport Management and by centralised audit teams).

Full-time resources have been applied to a comprehensive programme of work that will require 12 months to be fully implemented around the network. The work is being undertaken in order of importance from a safety perspective, and will be implemented progressively throughout the network. Network implementation will follow once the initiatives have been tested in New Zealand airports. To support implementation and review of the improvements, approximately 10 experienced staff will be identified for operations management training and this team will then form part of a larger team focused on the load control process throughout the New Zealand network.
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