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Ansett NZ
Review Ansett's QRH checklists for "Landing Gear Malfunction Alternate Gear Extension" and "#2 Engine Hyd Pump Caution Light on with Hyd Qty Below Normal, Gear Extension" with a view to standardising the procedures where actions should be identical, and eliminating the possibility for confusion between "alternate release door" and "alternate extension door" during the reading of the checklist.
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The QRH has been critically reviewed by Ansett New Zealand, and as a result has been re-formatted to reflect current (Bombardier) manufacturer policy. Differences in terminology have been discussed with Bombardier, and Ansett New Zealand understands that Bombardier will initiate editorial changes in due course. The terminology used to describe aircraft equipment is properly a matter for the manufacturer and not the responsibility of the aircraft operator. Accordingly, Ansett New Zealand has adopted and implemented this recommendation as far as it is able to do so, but those aspects which are within the province of the aircraft manufacturer remain the manufacturer's responsibility. Ansett New Zealand suggests that a Safety Recommendation directed to the manufacturer regarding terminology would be appropriate.

Accordingly this safety recommendation has been adopted and implemented by Ansett New Zealand.
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