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Ansett NZ
Explore ways of making Ansett New Zealand's CRM training more realistic by use of a flight simulator or otherwise.
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Ansett New Zealand is presently negotiating for the development and use of a Dash-8 simulator facility located in Sydney, and once contractual provisions are in place for the use of this facility, Ansett New Zealand will progressively introduce its use into Dash 8 training, including CRM aspects. The simulator is anticipated to be available throughout New Zealand during 1996, and will be used by the Company in its training programme as soon as available.

The inherent difficulties of achieving effective LOFT training, where a simulator cannot be employed, is not a problem unique to Ansett New Zealand. The Company agrees, that CRM training can obviously be made more effective by the use of a Simulator, however in circumstances where a simulator was not available, Ansett New Zealand made a significant effort to introduce all practicable realism for Dash 8 crew in this phase of their training.

Accordingly, Ansett New Zealand has explored and is in fact now negotiating for the use of a Dash 8 Flight Simulator in its training programme, and as such, adopts this recommendation. In conclusion it should be noted however that until very recently, no Dash 8 Simulator has been available, and accordingly out of necessity alternative methods of crew familiarisation and training were employed.
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